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FREE Webinar: Manage Problematic Pests with Biologicals

Problematic pests (leafhopper, omnivorous leafroller, mites, thrips, stink bugs, aphids and more) impact vegetable yield and harvest quality. When margins are already tight, you need effective and efficient tools to ensure profits. Speakers in this webinar, produced by Marrone Bio Innovations in partnership with Malcolm Media Ag Publishing, will include: Joel Siegel, PhD USDA Agriculture Research Services and Timothy Johnson, PhD, …

2019 Salinas Valley Entomology Seminar

This seminar will provide an overview of the area-wide monitoring and management of aphids, thrips and diamondback moth for lettuce and cole crops in the Salinas Valley. Data from our insecticide efficacy trials will be presented during this seminar. Additional topics for this seminar will include the new paradigms for IPM, thrips and INSV, spraying technology and detection of pesticides on surface water. …

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