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Agricultural Personnel Management Association Annual Forum

January 22 - January 24

$495 – $695

A Conference for Human Resource, Labor and Safety Professionals in the Agricultural Industry in it’s 40th year, keynote speakers this year will include: Douglas Parker, Chief of Cal/OSHA; Craig Regelbrugge, Senior Vice President at AmericanHort; and Congressman Jimmy Panetta.



H-2A Panel – Panel leader: Ruben Lugo (US Department of Labor); Panel: Carlos Castaneda (SARC), Jason Resnick (Western Gowers), Rebecca Hause-Schultz (The Saqui Law Group, a Division of Dowling Aaron Incorporated), Jeanne Malitz (Malitzlaw), Susan Quale (Sierra Cascade Nursery), Matthew Weise (California Department of Housing and Community Development)

Back by popular demand, this three-hour session will take participants through the H-2A application process. This comprehensive presentation will explore the many complexities surrounding the H-2A program compliance. Attendees will learn best practices to ensure accurate calculation of pay, corresponding worker concepts, avoiding government claims based on U.S. worker discrimination, the housing regulations and more. Current users or anyone considering using the H-2A program will benefit from this session.

Welcome: “HR Professional Development – Steps to Success” – Lourdes Gonzalez (Gowan Company)

Your network is the foundation for your success, in business and in life. When you know how to build strategic long-term relationships, you can access them when you need to. Networking is not just collecting cards; you need to make meaningful connections and nurture your network. During this workshop we will discuss how to improve your networking skills. How to maintain an efficient networking plan to manage your time, energy, and contacts. How to surround yourself with smart, supportive people who will help you in your career path. Who should attend? This session will work for you whether your goal is to land a new job, find new clients, build your professional brand, or meet new people. Come and discover the wonderful opportunities that come from networking.

Guest Speaker: “Aging Workforce: The Fastest Growing Employee Population”– Jonathan Siegel (Jackson Lewis)

This session will review how the mature worker is the fastest growing employee population. We will discuss creative programs to take advantage of mature workers and their different skill sets. It will review developments to retain mature workers and programs to better utilize the aging workforce.

Special Presentation: “Violence, Active Shooter and Situation Awareness Training” – Cathi Marx (Aspen Risk Management Group)

There is no cookie cutter approach to follow when it comes to reacting to an unpredictable situation such as an active shooter event.
The best defense is to not be in the situation to begin with. The first step to protecting yourself is being “situationally aware” and training yourself to respond quickly and without hesitation. This presentation will begin with a focus on the four types of workplace violence identified by OSHA and the FBI. We will review several steps employers and employees can take to reduce the possibility of a workplace violence event.

Secondly, we will discuss the campaign “If you see something say something” but do we really know what we are to look for? Attendees will learn how to build their situational awareness skills, identifying a baseline of what is normal, and then learning to spot anomalies. We will discuss kinesics and what body language can tell us of a potential threat using stories from survivors as they responded to active shooter events.

Lastly, we will review the concepts of run-hide-fight, the recommended action to take should you find yourself in an active shooter event.


A. Let’s Talk Immigration: ….Where Do We Go From Here? – Michael Saqui
This comprehensive session will address the state of enforcement actions, handling Form I-9, what to do when shows up, dealing with Notices

Of Inspections (NOI’s), Social Security mismatches, and brief introduction to the H-2A Program.
B. CalSavers Retirement Savings Program – Jonathan Herrera (CalSavers) & Ed McClements (McClements Insurance Services)

Starting July 1, 2020, California Employers with 100 or more employees will be required (if they do not already have a qualified retirement plan available to their employees) to participate in CalSavers, a new program run by an arm of our State Government. In a nutshell – CalSavers requires employers to deduct 5% of employees’ wages and forward that money to CalSavers, so it can be deposited into the employee’s CalSaver ROTH IRA account. We will cover the basics of what the CalSavers program means to your business – and give you productive alternatives that are designed to keep you – not the State of California – in control of your workers and their paychecks.

C. OSHA 2020: What’s on the Horizon – Joel Sherman (Grimmway Farms)

With a new administration and a new chief of OSHA, what changes can we expect in regulation and enforcement in the coming years?
This presentation will discuss several items that are expected to come to fruition in the coming year and several other items that are on the drawing board.

D. Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) – LifeWorks
LifeWorks has been helping organizations develop healthy work environments while improving the well-being of their people for more than

50 years. This session will give an overview of the features that are available to all employees at no charge and how to access these features.E. New Regulations – Bryan Little (FELS)

This session will address the new Emergency Wildfire Smoke Standard, the new Outdoor Agricultural Operations During Hours of Darkness regulation and more.

F. California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) – Joseph Lazzarotti (Jackson Lewis)

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), enacted in 2018, creates new consumer rights relating to the access to, deletion of, and sharing of personal information that is collected by businesses. It also requires the Attorney General to solicit broad public participation and adopt regulations to further the CCPA’s purposes. The proposed regulations would establish procedures to facilitate consumers’ new rights under the CCPA and provide guidance to businesses for how to comply. Come and learn how CCPA is relevant to your organization.

G. Health Management and Wellness in the Workplace – Jennifer Schiffers (Pinnacle Health Management )
Jennifer Schiffers, MD is the Vice President of Health Management for Pinnacle Health Management. She will address challenges and

successes in health management and wellness in the workplace.H. Hiring Right – Gladys Wotring (JG Boswell Company)

This session will review the cost of hiring, recruitment metrics and how to convince leadership that you have found the right hire for the organization.

I. Legal Aspects of Onboarding and Offboarding – Erica Rosasco (McKague Rosasco)

A successful onboarding process is one that brings your new hires into your organization and helps them make a positive impact. However, onboarding is more than just getting your new hires introduced to your company and their new roles. It is actually your interactions with new employees in regard to the state law compliance obligations all employers face. All of the forms and processes associated with employee onboarding, if completed incorrectly, can put the company at risk both at the time of hire and through the employee’s time with the company. On the other hand, one of the questions most commonly asked of an attorney is: “Can I fire this employee?” and the number one way for a company to find themselves in a lawsuit is a “bad” termination. This presentation will also cover, how to effectively terminate the relationship with an employee without facing liability at the end of the day.

J. The Latest Ag Labor Trends and Impacts for California – Dr. Philip Martin (UC Davis)

Dr. Philip Martin is Professor Emeritus of the UC Davis Agricultural and Resource Economics. He is the Chair of the UC Comparative Immigration & Integration program and editor Migration News and Rural Migration News. Dr. Martin has done extensive research and authored many books and articles on farm labor and migration issues and will present the latest ag labor trends and impacts for the industry.

K. Defending an OSHA Citation and WINNING! – Tony Canizales (DiBuduo & DeFendis)

How a citation is handled can either save you money or cost your company thousands! The safety professional is often key to this process and how much you are informed will pay dividends. Come join us as our instructor dives into the OSHA citation defense process and assists you in setting yourself up for success in shark infested waters!

L. Accelerate Employee Success: The Relationship Between Perceived Person-Supervisor Fit, Perceived Supervisor Support and Tenure – Tina Huff (Duncan Family Farms)

Studies show leaders play a critical role in employee retention and engagement. This presentation shares results from newly released research on the relationship between an employee’s perceived fit to his or her supervisor, an employee’s perception of supervisor support, and an employee’s tenure. The results of this study underscore the importance of the assessment of employee and supervisor fit both at the onset as well as throughout the employment relationship. Findings are presented and foundational research regarding culture, engagement, and trust is provided. The presentation concludes with practical recommendations for assessment, training, and career development.

M. Mandatory Leave Laws in California – James Gumberg (Patane Gumberg Avila)
This session will provide an overview of the many mandatory Leave Laws in California, including FMLA/CFRA, Worker’s Compensation, PDL, PFL, PSL, ADA, School and Child Care Activities and more.
N. Advance Investigative Tactics: The Age of Social Media – George Flores & Garrett McGinn (DigiStream)

Learn how social media is being used to uncover fraud, as well as enhance the quality of other investigations. Learn what geosocial data is, and exactly how this type of information is used to investigate insurance claims of all kinds. Understand how to gain eye-opening insight into accidents, site security, and high exposure incidents, by locating social media photographs, videos, and posts at specific locations and times anywhere in the world. The session examines successful real-life cases, fascinating trends in social media investigations, privacy and legal issues, as well as preserving, authenticating and presenting the evidence in court. The dynamic between social media monitoring and surveillance will also be examined through a case study involving 17,000 days of surveillance data. Attendees will come away with an understanding of the investigative best practices required for a successful investigation and a better understanding of the best investigative practices required for a successful geosocial investigation and exactly how to add this new information to their wide range of skills.

O. Leadership Confirmation – Conviction to Impact – Max Macias & Abrahan Pichardo (Alliant Insurance Services)

Over the past 2 decades, we have made efforts to genuinely improve the leadership skillset of crew leaders and supervisors through leadership development training. Has leadership development been effective for your organization? We believe it is now time to take the next steps to improve our industry in order to keep up with changing industry trends and needs of our agricultural organizations. This course will focus on ways to determine if your management team has in fact “developed” and evolved into the safety and management leaders they can be and in turn help your organization meet today’s safety and production challenges. It is time to look toward to“LEADERSHIP CONFIRMATION”.

P. Employee Benefit Programs – Hot New Perks and Benefits – David Nikssarian (Nikssarian Insurance Services)
This seminar will explore various benefit trends that are available. Participants will learn how to use employee benefits and other programs

to attract and retain their workforce.
Q. Wage & Hour Compliance – Seth Mehrten (Barsamian & Moody)

Wage and hour litigation continues to be a minefield of costly litigation for all CA employers – and Ag employers are no exception. During this presentation, the presenter will discuss the most frequent wage and hour violations found in lawsuits. The session will also address specific strategies that employers should take to proactively manage wage and hour compliance, including the benefits of conducting an internal payroll and timekeeping audit.

R. Structuring Legal Entities for Risk Management – Anthony Raimondo (Raimondo & Associates)

If you have a sole proprietorship or partnership, your personal assets can be pursued by creditors. To avoid this risk, you should consider setting up a business structure, such as an LLC, as one example, to limit your liability for debts owed by the business, and other claims on the business, including liens and lawsuits. Those creditors holding such liens and claims against the business cannot pursue the personal assets of the business owner in most states and under most circumstances.

S. Distracted Driving: It’s More Deadly Than You Think! – Carl Morello (Zenith Insurance Company)

This session will review the risks associated with operating a motor vehicle focusing on the dangers of distracted driving. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, 35,092 people died in motor vehicle crashes in 2015. Contributing to the death toll is the latest concern of distracted driving. When a driver is driving “distracted”, they are four times more likely to be become involved in a collision. Learn how to integrate risk-reduction information into a driver safety program and prevent vehicle loss and driver injuries.

T. Setting the Stage for Termination – Chana Hauben (UnitedAg) & Veronica Alvero (Church Bros.)

Employee progressive discipline and separations are some of the most difficult aspects of any Human Resources professional’s job duties and can cause significant stress to the employee as well as the employer. When an employee is underperforming, you want to help them succeed, while still documenting all efforts in case the employee continues to not meet expectations. The art of a well-crafted performance plan, simplifying the discipline process, effective documentation, and ultimately preparing for, and setting the stage for separation, are essential to help the employee transition, and maximize protection to your organization.


2020 Labor & Employment Law Update – Patrick Moody (Barsamian & Moody) & Jason Resnick (Western Growers)

Be sure to finish off the Forum right, with Pat Moody and Jason Resnick, as they cover the latest and greatest in up to the minute labor and employment law issues. They will cover recent cases that you need to know about, and get you up to speed on all the laws that are going into effect this year. This will be a fast-paced session with a whole host of invaluable information to help you excel in 2020 and beyond.


January 22
January 24
$495 – $695
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