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READ – May 2016 Issue

READ - May 2016 Issue

  DOWNLOAD this Issue Contents: Washington Asparagus  Middleton Family Expands the Horizons  Food Safety Center for Produce Safety Meets Challenges  Lygus Bug Management Beginning to End of the Strawberry Production Junglerice A Growing Concern for Agriculture Grasshoppers and Blister Beetles  Pests of Salinas Valley Vegetables  

READ – April 2016 Issue

READ - April 2016 Issue

  DOWNLOAD this Issue Contents: Big Changes to Worker Pay AB1513 Is Not Good for Piece-Work CTGA Annual Meeting Future Looks Bright for Tomato Growers Controlling Late Blight of Celery Increases in Acreage Needs Disease Control  Morning Glory a Problem NMSU Helps Chile Growers Battle Weeds PLF Sues ALRB  Strawberry Nursery Harassed by UFW

READ – March 2016 Issue

READ - March 2016 Issue

  DOWNLOAD this Issue Contents: Growing Onions & Garlic on the Westside  Doug Stanley New Chairman of the CGORAB  The Garlic & Onion Symposium The Quest for Greater Tools Against White Rot In the Field  Vegetable Industry News Briefs Carrot Diseases in the Coachella Valley  Rot, Blight and Other Evils Troubleshooting Disease Problems Sometimes the Problem Can Be Seen, Sometimes …

READ – February 2016 Issue

READ - February 2016 Issue

  DOWNLOAD this Issue Contents: Bay Area Farms Preserved POST Initiative to Increase Preserved Farmland Acreage Celery Blackheart Disorder Linked with Calcium (Ca) Deficiency Aphids Rule the Fields in Many Ways Born Pregnant. Hungry, and All Female Brian Leahy Talks About DPR’s Mission It’s Not All About Enforcement In the Field  Vegetable Industry Newsbriefs Seed Corn Maggot in Spring Melons …

READ – January 2016 Issue

READ - January 2016 Issue

  DOWNLOAD this Issue Contents: Pacific Northwest Growers Meet 29th Annual Conference in Kennewick A Wet Winter and Vegetables A Host of Pathogens Awaits the Unprepared Aphid Pests on Lettuce Crops The Ins and Outs of Control Mite Control on Strawberries Father and Son Team Work as PCAs Controlling Southern Blight Disease Becomes an Issue Every Summer New Laws Impacting …

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