Latest Past Events

Central Coast Young Farmers and Ranchers Supermarket Race

Star Market 1275 S Main Street, Salinas

The Central Coast Young Farmers and Ranchers are collecting food for the Monterey County Food Bank in a fun and exciting way. YF&R groups statewide contribute millions of pounds of fresh produce, hundreds of volunteer hours and several thousand dollars each year to people in need, but a top donor is the Central Coast YF&R, …


Pumping Efficiency & Energy Savings in the Central Coast

Monterey County Farm Bureau 1140 Abbott Street, Suite C, Salinas

A collaborative in-person seminar for farm owners, ranch managers and irrigation specialists, this seminar delivers timely information on pumping efficiency, pump energy management, advanced VFD control and PG&E AG energy programs.  The event includes continental breakfast, Farm Bureau introduction, and three speakers.  Join the Monterey County Farm Bureau, PG&E and industry leaders in pumping efficiency, …

Benefits of Cover Crops in Furrows of Strawberries Webinar

Cover crops planted in furrows between strawberry beds can decrease erosion and retain top soil for more sustainable long-term production. Furrow cover crops can also reduce weeds, increase infiltration to groundwater and help replenish our depleted aquifers. Additionally, they improve water quality by reducing runoff and helping prevent nutrients, sediment and pesticides from leaving the …