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“Growing New Roots” Vegetable Grafting Webinar Series

Members of the SCRI Grafting Project Team have organized a grafting webinar series. Each month a webinar will be offered, covering a different topic about the science and technology of vegetable grafting. Below is a schedule of future webinars, as well as links to past webinars. Upcoming Webinars: Date: February 21, 2019 Time: 2PM (Eastern Time) Title: Grafting Experience with …

The Recent Romaine Recall and the LGMA

Although the Center for Disease Control announced on January 9, 2019 that the recent e-coli outbreak is over, there is another part of the story that doesn’t seem to be getting allot of traction. During the investigation the FDA made the comment that based on the spread of the traceback it’s highly unlikely that it originated from a single farm. …

Invasive Nutria Damages CA Waterways — Requesting Farmer Assistance!

Rodents of unusual size —California has got them! The new kid on the block is Nutria, a semiaquatic rodent, that has invaded California’s waterways, and is doing a lot of damage.  USDA is asking farmers for help in locating these pests to be removed. Derek Milsaps from USDA-APHIS presented some information on this pest at the Tree & Vine Expo …

New High-Yield Strawberry, Raspberry Varieties Released

By Krisy Gashler These berries yield like the dickens. Cornell’s berry breeding program is releasing two new varieties, which will be available for planting in spring 2019: a strawberry, Dickens, and a raspberry, Crimson Treasure. Both varieties produce large fruits with vibrant colors that maintain peak flavor for longer than most heritage varieties. The new berries are the handiwork of …

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